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Why you must presell

If you want to make more money as an affiliate, you must presell.

Before we start, let's talk about what preselling actually is. Preselling is both an art and a science. The goal is to get your reader prepped to make a purchase. Then you send them to the site that sells what you've prepared them for. And if it's done properly, the process is completely sub-conscious.

In a nutshell, you provide value. Then send them to the sales page. In just a minute, I'll explain exactly how to presell. But before we do, you need to know why it's so important. Just a few of the reasons you want to presell.

  • Preselling creates trust - And gaining the trust of your readers helps them want to click your links. And the more clicks you get the more sales you'll make.
  • It takes your reader out of defense mode - Nobody likes to be sold something. By not doing that to them, your reader is less defensive. Unguarded reading means they're not filtering what you say. And your intention is conveyed more easily.
  • It creates buying readiness - Your readers are now receiving your message. So they become more receptive to other messages. Like the info on product sales page you've linked to. And being open to the information there means they are much more likely to buy.
  • You make more money - Now your reader arrives at the sales page in a buying mood. With the guard down and trusting your recommendation. The only possible result is more sales!
  • Your customers are happier - People like to make their own buying decisions. Versus being pitched or convinced. So they are happier with their purchase.
  • It boosts your profits - A satisfied customer doesn't ask for a refund. Less refunds means more affiliate money stays in your pocket.

Obviously, it's important to presell. You earn more commissions. Your customers are happier. That's a clear win-win.

OK, so how do you do it?

Now you know whey preselling is critical. And hopefully you're convinced you need to start doing it. So, it's time to break down how it works. Like we talked about before, it's an art. And it's a science.

Mastering the art

First, you have to gain the trust of your reader, so they let their guard down. And the only method of doing this is to give exceptional value to your readers. Now, providing enough info to be useful, but still making them want more - that's the art of it. So you send them to the product website with a hunger for more of what the product provides. And since they're more open, they are more likely to make a purchase.

It's also a science

There are also several key elements that need to be included.

First of all, it's important HOW you present your information. You have to have your end in mind. Your goal is to sell the product you're promoting. How can providing information accomplish this goal? First, you can provide useful but incomplete information. The second way is to provide all the information and let your reader discover how hard it is to actually implement it. Either way, the product sales page solves the problem.

But you can't link to your affiliate link. Instead you link directly to the product sales page. This increases your clicks. But how will you earn affiliate commissions if you don't use your affiliate link? Well, that’s part of the science of this whole process. You use an image tag to cookie your reader before they leave your site.

Next, you want to make sure you're linking on related words and phrases. People are used to clicking on hyperlinked words to get information they’re looking for. And when the words are in context like this, it makes perfect sense for your reader to click them.

Using this system, you're virtually guaranteed to increase your affiliate business success.


Doing all of this right is really hard! Let's talk about everything required to put this plan into action: Good content. First and foremost, you have to be able to write a great article that provides valuable information. This means you have to be able to write well, and have enough knowledge to be useful. Preselling skills. Yes, you must providing useful content. But, you also need to know how to present the information in a way that give value to the reader. While at the same time making them want more. The other approach is to reveal a self-evident problem through the information.

Picking products. After that you have to figure out which products you want to promote. Even if you get the article written. Your efforts are completely wasted if you don't pick a winning product.

The technical know-how To be most effective you have to use the "covert cookie" method. This is pretty easy – you just make a 1 pixel X 1 pixel image with no border and make the “source” of the image your affiliate link. (But if you mess it up, your referrals won't be tracked.)

In closing:

Now you know what it takes to be a Presell Pro. Preselling properly will boost your affiliate profits up to 500%! So, start now and develop preselling content for all your affiliate promotions. Take action now. Make the extra effort required to propel your affiliate business to the next level.

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